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The quality of construction of civil buildings and the infrastructure of the facilities has placed our company at the forefront of building art.


The projection method involves more than just the design of the building, it inevitably relates to the character, shape, aesthetics and being sensitive and responsive to the climate, location, culture and needs of the people.


Always on standby to provide our customers with a wide range of high quality engineering services based on energy efficient, ecological, low cost systems that meet the needs of the community.


What we offer is the management of all phases of construction of a facility, respectively: management of legal documentation, management of branding and project presentation, management of design and implementation phases according to ISO certified international standards, management of final documentation for the administration and launch of facilities, residential or commercial.


Our company also functions as a financial institution, whether full or partial investments in the development of residential and commercial buildings.


We provide assistance and consultancy specifically in: architectural and engineering design for all phases of a project. surveillance and testing of facilities. assistance in implementation in all its phases, starting from the foundation structures to the refinishing of the facility. technical assistance on technical problems, such as: electro, hydro, insulation, etc.


It all starts with design, so we consider it one of the most important stages. Technology, innovation, experience and seriousness are the reasons why our customers continue to trust us and invest in our vision. Our portfolio is characterized by projects of all sizes, levels and functions, ranging from complex interior renovations to more complex constructions. Special attention in our facilities is paid to the details and they are exactly what, among others, make the difference and transmit the values ​​of our constructions.

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