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RAJFI Group was established in 2001 and deals with the construction of civil buildings. RAJFI Group has part of its team of qualified staff of engineers, architects and workers who carry out all projects based on the defined engineering and architectural plan. The company carefully chooses the places where it will invest, as a result of which it is the leading position in the market and the selected clientele. RAJFI Group has pursued the strategy of focusing on a group of strong clients in the construction market as well as civil works.


We turn ideas into works of art

Our company is a market leader in civil and industrial construction up to the maintenance of building infrastructure. Through our work we make a difference in the building strategy, always being ready to provide security, quality, sustainability and diversity in service. Our structure is based on the values ​​of the group, where each of our staff members give their contribution in the best and most efficient way. The intermingling of teams is done carefully, with a leader at the top of each. Motivation and the spirit of cooperation makes our results as close as possible to the requirements of ATA, our customers.




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Our in-company design team enables high efficiency in architectural and engineering design, as well as in closely following all stages of implementation with all their dynamics.

High efficiency

We carefully evaluate the choices from the earliest stages of the design, to achieve maximum efficiency according to the client’s priorities.

Ideal solutions

The long experience of our technical staff enables us to offer the best engineering solutions for strong and safe buildings.

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